Art and Life Skills must be given importance to nurture artistic capabilities and creating cultural and artistic awareness amongst the students thereby enhancing the life of young children not only in the school years but also throughout their lives.

"Yoga, Physical Education, Music, Art, Life Skills has deep educational significance and potential. The visual and performing arts need to become an important component of learning in the curriculum. Throughout the years of schooling learning of art allows children to develop both a playful as well as a disciplined exploration of themselves and diverse materials are allowed them to experiment with many forms of expression." – as mentioned in the NCF 2005.

Art and Craft

The children are encouraged to explore the drawing skills and understand colour concepts. They are also motivated to learn the various crafts with different materials and in different forms.


Fantasia is a weeklong literary and cultural festival. The school campus comes alive with Debates, quizzes, spelling bee, declamation, story & poetry writing, flower arrangements, group dance, photography, classical dance & music, creating a news paper ‘newsies’. etc. Every student in the school gets an opportunity to showcase his/ her talent.

Pasch Programme

Under this programme, the 11th and 12th students are trained in the German language. Deserving students are selected and sent to Germany under student exchange programmes.

German Partnership Programme

Since the year 2010, three groups of pupils from each of the 2 cities have participated in the exchange. In this way, close friendly contacts beyond the borders have been made between the pupils, colleagues and the two schools. Through the allocation of definite exchange partners and participation in their school and family life, deeper understanding and insight into the other foreign culture like way of life, education and training, culture, religion and living conditions are made possible. Mutual respect and tolerance are developed too.


Festivals like Pooja, Ramzan, Christmas, Onam and Diwali are celebrated with great joy and love by all the members of the school.

Red Ribbon Club

Initiated by the Government, the children learn to live a life based on values.

Science Club

Classes VI – XI: To bring the children close to nature for a better understanding of the environment. Lab experiments, farming, participation in inter Club competitions; nature walks, museum visits etc are part of the Club activities.

Photography Club

Photo Center and other professionals train the students on the basics of photography. Field visits for hands on sessions are arranged.

Math Club

The Math lab has been designed and setup under the banner "Fun with Maths". Students get to do some hands on experiments with numbers and material that makes them love their subject.

Philately Club

Stamp Collection as a hobby is instilled among the children.

Bird watching Club

Children are taught about birds and are taken on field trips for identification of birds in their natural habitat.

Heritage Club

Documentaries on historical monuments and sites are screened. Quiz is conducted among the children and field trips are organized.

Literary Club

English literature and Tamil literature are introduced to the children. Events like Declamation and Debates are conducted.


The children of classes 1 to 8 are taught the basics of cooking. The senior children are taught meals, desserts and more.


The school band has children from class 6 upwards playing different instruments like the beagle, trumpet and drums. The primary children are taught to play the flute.

Social Awareness

Students of Classes 4 and 5 - Cubs and Bulbuls
Students of Classes 6 to 10 - Scouts and Guides
Higher Secondary (XI and XII) - NSS

Parent Teacher Meetings

PTA meetings are held on a regular basis to enable good communication and a closer bond between the parents, teachers and children. A dynamic management system helps to track the academic and non-academic progress of the student.

Faculty Empowerment

The empowerment programme for teachers helps them to follow the best methods that facilitate efficient learning experience in the classroom. They are exposed to regular orientation and training programs to keep them updated in their respective disciplines.