Annual Sports Day

This is held in September at the end of the first term, with team and individual events culminating with drills and March pasts.

Annual School Day

The Annual School Day is a theme – based programme every child is given a role to play on stage thereby developing their self confidence and emerge as confident young people.

Special Feature – GD Star

From among the young stars of GD who are ready to leave the Alma mater, a boy and a girl are chosen based on their academics and extra & co-curricular skills. Behavior, intrapersonal skills, conduct, poise, confidence & presence of mind are other aspects each is judged on.

GD Carnival

Showcases the Art and Craft items and projects done by students at the end of academic year. Stalls are setup with games and short-eats for the children to enjoy and have fun with their peers.

Chrysalis Day

Computer project work done by the students is exhibited thus showcasing their IT Capabilities on a common day across the nation.

Theatre Festival

A three day theatre festival that takes place in the 3rd term, wherein every class from Std. I to IX present skits and plays. Every single child has a speaking role.


The GD Marathon is conducted for all the students from class 1 to 12. The children participate enthusiastically with a lot of determination to score points for their houses.

Excursions and Field Trips

Excursions are organized for all the classes from 1 to 12 to help the children explore a place and experience the culture. Field trips are to help them gain a lot of knowledge based on their subjects.

Children's Day

Children's day is very special to us and the teachers plan activities and short performances for the children.

Teachers' Day

On Teachers' day, the children plan activities and performances for the teachers to show their love and respect to their mothers at school.