Student & Campus Life


Admission of children will be done depending on the vacancy in each class. The School reserves the right of admission. Submission of the application form does not guarantee admission.

Std I to IX
The school admits students in June every year.
Registrations for new admissions will be done in the school office.

Std XI
The following groups are offered.
Group I- Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Group II - Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Group III - Commerce, Accountancy, Economics and Business Mathematics.
Languages offered - German, French and Tamil.

For Class 11, The application form can be got from the school office. It should be submitted on the day of the State Board Std X results along with the required documents for further admission. Admission will be based on merit.

The following documents are essential for admission
Std I to Std XII
1. Transfer Certificate (Original)
2. Birth Certificate (Attested photo copy)
3. Passport size photograph-1 (recent)
4. Community certificate
5. Progress Report : I - X (Attested photo Copy)
   Std X Mark Sheet : XI (Original)
Kindly contact the school office for more details.


We believe that for many students, recreational activities fill an important need in their school experience. Hence, we provide recreation through extracurricular activities and physical education programmes to help all students develop health-related fitness, physical competence, cognitive understanding and positive attitudes about physical activity which will help them adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles. It also provides learning experiences that improve mental alertness, academic performance and readiness and enthusiasm for learning in our nations' youth.


Schooling has direct effects on children's educational achievement, their acquisition of literacy, numeracy and scientific knowledge. These basic skills provide the foundation for later "subjects" such as foreign languages. Formal educational qualifications are the key to a child's entry into training and employment.


Creativity is about generating ideas or producing things and transforming them into something of value. We believe that every child has the potential to be creative and it needs to be developed by making the child see possibilities and challenges. To foster creativity, our teachers encourage learners to think laterally and make associations between things that are not usually connected. They help them make use of creative thinking techniques.

We also believe creativity in schools is not just restricted to the teaching of "creative" subjects like art and English but to teach other subjects creatively as well.